To be or not to be in a Flow

You know the feeling of being in a flow? When you’re fully concentrated, loosing track of time, forgetting yourself, others and the world around you. When you’re in the moment – feeling happy, calm, creative and productive. When you completely loose yourself in what you’re doing. Well, that’s not me at the moment. I’m so far off it. I’ve no motivating for my work, I struggle to get even the smallest things done and I make mistakes. Just being at work drains my energy, 10 minutes can feel like 2 hours and a work week can feel like a month. I sell my time for money. No money is worth your valuable time if it doesn’t make you feel good.

When I’m doing something I love I get into my flow (like writing this blog). When I’m doing something important, something I truly care about that is challenging yet not too difficult. When I’m focused on one single task (instead of multiple), when I’m in a quiet space and away from all distractions. That’s what I will create for myself. Life’s too short not to be in a flow.

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