My definition of true success

When we think about success we often think about in terms of materialistic things, in measurement of power or that perfect body. We can then prove to ourselves and others that we deserve to be listened to and be acknowledged – that we are worth something. If people don’t know it they will see it by the house we live in, the expensive car we are driving or our job title. Yet, many successful people aren’t happy. Some even choose to take away their lives. Why is this? Didn’t we get it right when it comes to what success in life is all about?

Let’s step back for a moment. Being successful really comes down to one thing: a desire to be happy. We tell ourselves that if we only had that body, more people working for us and more money – we would be happier. The problem is that all those things (that obviously are great things) only give us short-term happiness. They can’t help us with our long-term and sustainable happiness and that is why, after a while, we always want more. We want a better car, more power, a bigger house, more customers, a better body and other things money can buy.

But money can’t fix our anxiety, fear and feeling of loneliness. That new home won’t help in controlling those destructive and condescending thoughts. Having more power won’t result in us feeling better emotionally. Achieving more sales for our business won’t make our mind quiet its noise. Abundance isn’t the answer to success.

What true success is, from a completely subjective standpoint, is being able to align with your true self. It’s about being able to control your thoughts, letting your feelings guide the way and having the ability to create the very best version of yourself – a version that you adore.

That is what I call success in life.


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