Everyday I’m hustlin

I’ve now been in New York for 8 days and we’ve stayed on the upper west side at YMCA, in Nolita with an American friend, in Hoboken with a Costa Rican friend and tonight with a Dutch friend in her hotel in Greenwich Village. My sister has gone back to Sweden for a few days due to her visa, which is a bit sad.

We’re literally nomads until we know better about our situation here – how long we can stay, when we’ll start making money etc. Even though it’s not the ideal situation with no income, visa or apartment – I’m so happy and grateful. I am no longer behind a desk doing something I don’t like. I’m with my sister, working on things I LOVE. Everyday I have time for mediation and yoga, I’m finding back my inner peace even if the outside can be stormy at times. When it does, we just start singing “everyday I’m hustling.”

Letting go

Me and my sister are trying to start up a business. We have a very limited budget so we need money to come in quickly. Working with your sister can be challenging. I’m the older one, so instinctively I want to protect her. That can stop me from being fully honest and tell her what I really feel, which is necessary in any relationship. I know that we either can break each other or create something amazing. Today we had a ‘clear the air’ moment and raised all concerns and issues up on the table. It was right there – visible – and we could no longer hide it. I love those moments when issues are being raised and dealt with. It’s also in those moments when negative feelings are being released. Now we’ve let go of the negative and re-focused.

Just this moment when I was writing this, a man came over with a flower. I take that as a sign that we just did something good!


Embracing the Now

Today’s the perfect day. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow doesn’t exist yet so make sure to embrace today fully – that’s all there is. If you wake up with negative thoughts or a ‘check list’ of everything that needs to be done for the day, make a conscious decision to not get out of bed until you’re in a better state of mind. How your morning starts will decide your whole day.

Lay still in bed, feel the energy in your body, quiet your thoughts by being in the present moment. Be grateful and feel your gratitude. Above all, don’t worry about the future. That’s just the ego trying to steal your attention. Hug that little monkey (the ego) and tell him that he’s sweet, but that he doesn’t need to worry for you. You have it all under control.

Everything is always alright is the Now.