Can you see the love?

I used to have it all wrong. I thought love was something we only got from that one special someone. Indeed there’s the love from your family, but as you grow up I thought a significant other was the only way to find real love as a part of daily life. Oh how wrong I was.

Without sounding too cheese: Love is really everywhere. It’s in the relationships I have with my friends, between myself and the dog I’m taking care of and in the plants and flowers that surrounds me. I didn’t see that before. I wasn’t open to it.

My experience is that when you meet someone with love, you set the grounds for your conversation on a completely different level. You don’t need anything from that person, you don’t expect anything – instead you give the nicest gift you can offer. True love can’t be mistaken, it’s something that is felt.

Ever since I realized this I’ve built relationships with people I never though I could have with someone, besides a boyfriend. Today I have an American brother, a Moroccan sister, a one-night stand that I’m very good friends with and people I’ve met along my journey that I’m still in contact with despite language barriers, age differences and different cultural backgrounds. There’s always one thing in common in deep relationships and that is the foundation of love.

Try it next time you meet someone: give all your love to that person and imagine that you already care deeply for him/her. Look that person in the eyes, listen carefully to what he/she has to say and don’t be afraid to get close. For God’s sake don’t “save” your charm, love and affections just for those you’re attracted to – these aren’t things you’ll run out of. Share it with the bus driver you see every morning, the cashier in the super market and new acquaintances.

If you haven’t done this before, you’ll be surprised at all the amazing, deep and mind-blowing relationships you will develop quickly.

Love is everywhere, we just need to open our eyes to see it.



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