Meditation and yoga every damn day

I start every morning with meditation and yoga, which takes about 40 min in total. Some days, like yesterday, I feel some resistance to doing it so I skip it. It happens about once every two weeks and when I do, my day is never the same. I feel off-balance, my thoughts are on a much lower vibration and my day turns out to be rather mediocre. Towards the end of it, I can’t wait to go to bed because I’m just exhausted. Lately, this happens every single time I skip it, no exception.

Meditation helps me find my inner focus, to stabilize myself for the day and to set my thoughts on a higher frequency. In it, I can quiet my mind and connect to my inner-self. Yoga helps me to feel my body, control my breathing and energize myself. I can’t stress enough how much these two things have changed my life. They help me to re-connect to myself, to follow my intuition and to trust that I’m on the right path.

Days I do meditation and yoga, I feel that the world is on my side and I know that everything will work out for the best.

Yesterday I got reminded again why I need to do my morning ritual. I lacked energy, I had thoughts that made me doubt this whole journey my sister and I are on, and when I went running I had to force myself (when I normally just run feeling strong and happy).

Sometimes you just need to experience the contrast in order to know that you actually DO want the positive side of coin. Even if it requires overcoming that bit of resistance in the morning.


6 thoughts on “Meditation and yoga every damn day

  1. Lisa Tiller says:

    I do yoga and meditation every (..ahem) day too, but I do it after work to wind down from my day. Sometimes I struggle with it too – today is a great example, my head wasn’t in the right place for either one and had to practically force myself to do them which im glad I did but it’s just so much easier and beneficial when everything’s working as it should. Still, on we go. X

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    • Maria says:

      I so understand how you feel. There are moments when you just prefer to hang on Facebook or talk to a friend, when what you really need is to align with yourself.

      It’s somehow always harder when you need it the most. I’m happy you did it!! Have an amazing day Lisa 🙂

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  2. Meditation with Alison says:

    Awesome. I love your attitude about the resistence you feel. I often feel like “I’m too tired to meditate” or practice – but I do it anyway. Afterwards, I feel recharged and energize. I feel like the hardest part of practice is making it to your mat/cushion.

    Thanks for the motivating post! I need to practice this morning!

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