Making the world a little bit better

My sister told me about a documentary called I AM with Tom Shadyac. If you haven’t seen it already, do so. After watching it last week I got inspired to start a movement where we – you and me – make the world a little bit better starting today. We all want a better world. A world with peace, compassion and where everyone has a home and enough food on the table. Getting there requires a global collaboration and unfortunately, we’re not there yet. As individuals, it’s difficult to know where to start as it’s easy to get overwhelmed by too many problems.

The idea I had is about doing something kind for a stranger, sharing it on Facebook and then encouraging three friends to do the same within 24 hours. It started today and so far we gave food tickets to a homeless woman, a full meal to homeless man and a museum ticket to a person queuing to get in. Now, I hope the message spreads and that others get inspired to participate. It might not change the whole world, but it can make the world of someone else a little bit better. As humans, collaboration and sympathy is in our DNA, I hope this movement can manifest this.

Check out the Facebook page here.

Change starts from #MetoYou

Worrying will never change the outcome

If something is worrying you, let it go. Go from living in the future and focus on the present moment – which is all there ever is and will be. Here and now doesn’t include negative feelings like worry, stress or anxiety. Those feelings comes from projecting scenarios that could happen in the future. As the future doesn’t exist we just cause un-necessary pain to ourselves. Your five senses can help you stay present: listen to the noises around, look at what surrounds you and notice what you feel, smell and taste.

When we are in the now, we have no problems. Instead we realize that everything is already perfect. 

Strangers telling me things..

During the past couple of months it happened that random people on the street came up to tell me things about myself. This type of encounters has never happened to me before. Most of the times I’ve worn earphones, yet they still approach me. One time when I took a walk, a middle-aged man stopped me and started telling me similar things as the Spanish guy had told me: that I’m scared of men, that I’m very artistic and shouldn’t work where I am today etc. The part about being scared of men was something I didn’t really believe at first, but when several people tell you the same thing – it’s time to reflect. When I did, I realized that it actually was true. For example, I do think (unconsciously) that men have less feelings than women. Of course that belief makes me scared of opening up to men. Another time in Nice, a man walked up to me to say that I’m in a cross-roads in life, that my self-esteem is low at the moment (which was correct) and that I needed time to think (this was just before I decided to quit my job). He also said that I broke up with my boyfriend because I needed freedom, which also was true.

I’m so grateful when these things happen because I take it as a sign from universe that I’m on the right path ❤


My new habits: gratefulness and attraction

The Buddhist meditation guy told me yesterday that I need to find a balance between moving forward and living in the present moment. Therefore, I made a decided to start a new habit. Every evening, I’ll take 5-10 min to think about people, things and events that I’m grateful for. Then I’ll make sure to turn those thoughts into feelings. In the mornings, I’ll do the same but this time I focus on what I want to attract in life

This morning when I opened my port to go running, a dog basically ran into the hallway. The dog, a little pug, was so happy and his owner had to wait for us to finish cuddling before they could continue walking. During my run in Jardin des Tuileries (the garden next to Musée du Louvre in the centre of Paris), I saw two goats. Yes, that’s right – goats! During my 2,5 years in Paris I’ve never seen a goat anywhere in Paris. When I ran back, a guy on the street shouted to me “Bon courage !” (Good luck), which also never happened before.

That’s what I call a great start of the day!

Buddhist meditation

Today I went with a friend to a Buddhist meditation here in Paris. I’ve always been intrigued by Buddhism, as it feels like the region which is “least tainted”. In my opinion, all religions have the same spiritual message but they’re packaged differently. Even though I’m Christian, I have the feeling that I can better relate to and learn about spirituality within Buddhism than Christianity. Anyway, we started the one hour session by sitting down in a circle. We were asked to imagine ourselves in a place where we feel good and comfortable. Then we were asked to think about people we were grateful for, like our parents and friends. After this, the meditation leader sat in front of us, one by one, to mirror what our heart is saying. Basically, they said out-loud what our hearts are communicating. 

My heart is saying that I’m on a straight path leading towards the horizon. It feels like a very long path, and it’s important that I sometimes stop and look to the right and left to see what’s there. I have a lot of energy and focus on where I want to go, but I need to enjoy the present moment. I also need to share more about my feelings and what I’m doing with others, and listen to their advice and experience. People that I might not expect be able to guide me, can help make my path easier to walk. I want to walk this journey together with other people, not alone. There’s no fun ending up alone somewhere. I was amazed at how true the things he told me were, so I’m already planning to go back again on Saturday.