Yesterday my sister and I took a day off working on our project. We needed to re-fill our buckets with inspiration, so it was the best decision we could have made.

Oh wow, what a day! We went with two Italian friends to a secluded beach, where we spent the day drinking smoothies, climbing palm trees and laughing. Then they (who works as chefs) made us an amazing dinner before we went to dance salsa.

Both of them are very carefree. They talk with everyone they meet “Hola mi amor!” (people here call each other “my love”) and they focus on the positive aspects of every situation.

When I asked one of them yesterday if he’d always been so carefree his response was: “Whyyy Mariaa should I foocus on the probleeem? If I foocus on the reaalityy of this woorld I will just be saaad“.

His answer is probably the most sane answer I’ve heard. Sometimes it’s easy to think that very positive people are a bit naive and stupid (I’ve heard this about myself too), because they don’t acknowledge “the reality“. They just see the positive parts.

I felt so stupid after my question. Of course! Why should we ever focus on the problem when we can decided to see the positive aspects of a situation. Also, the solution is never where the problem is anyway, so that makes it even more useless.

So about speedos, which is the topic of this blog post. Ehuum. One of them was wearing speedos, which is from my culture, something you never ever wear. Ever. It’s considered sleazy, too much out there and unsexy.

When I told him about this, his response was: “In Italy it’s something you wear if you can pull it off. I can so I wear it.”

My beliefs about speedos got crushed right there and then. His answer made me re-consider my own view point. Who was I to think that my point of view is the correct one?

I can’t say that I’m a bigger fan of speedos after the statement, but I stopped judging those who wear it. Judgement is never good. It keeps our minds narrow minded and hinders us from growing.

My sister and I call our time with these two a ‘crash course in happiness’. Exactly what we needed!

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