Amazing you

Today is a new day. Yesterday is gone, it’s all history now. Let everything that happened in the past go. Forgive yourself for what have been. Dare to let go of what no longer serves you. Make room for the new that is just waiting to come into your life. Tomorrow is some sort of strange place that never seems to arrive. When it arrives, it always comes as today.

All there ever is and ever will be is this very moment.

Look at all the beauty around you right now. Touch it. Feel it. Taste it. See it. Hear it. Perhaps you’re having a cup of coffee, looking at the trees or are taking the subway to work. Whatever you’re doing – be in this moment. You’re exactly where you should be. Trust that everything happens for a reason and for the best, even if you don’t understand exactly how.

Be focused on the present and you will start taking notice of the little signs from the universe. It might be a bird making a sound when you have a specific thought, confirming what you just thought. It might be someone telling you exactly what you need to hear. It might be a feather lying in front of your path telling you that you are being seen.

You matter immensely. Without you the world would be less than what it is today.

There’s only one person like you on this planet, your skills and DNA will never be seen again. You have amazing talent that shouldn’t be wasted. All you ever need to focus on is one thing: feeling good. If you do, everything else will unfold in Life’s natural process of creation. You will be directed to your place, the place where you truly make a difference and live the life you deeply desire.

Remember that it’s good to feel good.

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