It wasn’t supposed to be me.

I wasn’t supposed to be the woman standing next to him at the altar, the mother of his children or the person he would grow old with. It was how it was supposed to be from the very beginning, I just didn’t know it before.

I’ve always said “if” to him. If we ever get married, if we ever buy an apartment together, if we ever have kids. Now I know why I said “if” and not “when”. I said it because I’m meant to meet someone else. This is the person I will stand next to at the altar, have kids and grow old with. I don’t know who this someone is today, but I do know that he’s out there.

I hope he knows that I’m thinking about him and that I’m longing for us to meet.

3 thoughts on “It wasn’t supposed to be me.

  1. 1heartsoundm says:

    This post was just perfect for me to read. I have had those thoughts about someone and as you so perfectly said, “It wasn’t suppose to be me”. When my wife said to me she couldn’t stay because of my cancer, it was hard to accept but I did my best to understand and have no anger toward her. Disappointment, yes…Anger no.
    The key word is “When” not “If”. 🙂


    • Maria says:

      Thanks for sharing. I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason and in perfect divine order. Sometimes we get knocked down, but it’s never more than we can handle. I wish you all the best with both with beating cancer and finding the right love!

      And I love your picture 🙂


      • 1heartsoundm says:

        Thank you for your well wishes and your kind comment about my pic. I believe the cancer is merely a stepping stone in which I can only grow from. As for finding the right love, I send her smiles each night into the Universe with the belief that she will find them…when she does, then I will find her!
        Stay strong in your belief and you will find him!


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