Amazing you

Today is a new day. Yesterday is gone, it’s all history now. Let everything that happened in the past go. Forgive yourself for what have been. Dare to let go of what no longer serves you. Make room for the new that is just waiting to come into your life. Tomorrow is some sort of strange place that never seems to arrive. When it arrives, it always comes as today.

All there ever is and ever will be is this very moment.

Look at all the beauty around you right now. Touch it. Feel it. Taste it. See it. Hear it. Perhaps you’re having a cup of coffee, looking at the trees or are taking the subway to work. Whatever you’re doing – be in this moment. You’re exactly where you should be. Trust that everything happens for a reason and for the best, even if you don’t understand exactly how.

Be focused on the present and you will start taking notice of the little signs from the universe. It might be a bird making a sound when you have a specific thought, confirming what you just thought. It might be someone telling you exactly what you need to hear. It might be a feather lying in front of your path telling you that you are being seen.

You matter immensely. Without you the world would be less than what it is today.

There’s only one person like you on this planet, your skills and DNA will never be seen again. You have amazing talent that shouldn’t be wasted. All you ever need to focus on is one thing: feeling good. If you do, everything else will unfold in Life’s natural process of creation. You will be directed to your place, the place where you truly make a difference and live the life you deeply desire.

Remember that it’s good to feel good.

Can you see the love?

I used to have it all wrong. I thought love was something we only got from that one special someone. Indeed there’s the love from your family, but as you grow up I thought a significant other was the only way to find real love as a part of daily life. Oh how wrong I was.

Without sounding too cheese: Love is really everywhere. It’s in the relationships I have with my friends, between myself and the dog I’m taking care of and in the plants and flowers that surrounds me. I didn’t see that before. I wasn’t open to it.

My experience is that when you meet someone with love, you set the grounds for your conversation on a completely different level. You don’t need anything from that person, you don’t expect anything – instead you give the nicest gift you can offer. True love can’t be mistaken, it’s something that is felt.

Ever since I realized this I’ve built relationships with people I never though I could have with someone, besides a boyfriend. Today I have an American brother, a Moroccan sister, a one-night stand that I’m very good friends with and people I’ve met along my journey that I’m still in contact with despite language barriers, age differences and different cultural backgrounds. There’s always one thing in common in deep relationships and that is the foundation of love.

Try it next time you meet someone: give all your love to that person and imagine that you already care deeply for him/her. Look that person in the eyes, listen carefully to what he/she has to say and don’t be afraid to get close. For God’s sake don’t “save” your charm, love and affections just for those you’re attracted to – these aren’t things you’ll run out of. Share it with the bus driver you see every morning, the cashier in the super market and new acquaintances.

If you haven’t done this before, you’ll be surprised at all the amazing, deep and mind-blowing relationships you will develop quickly.

Love is everywhere, we just need to open our eyes to see it.



When peace is disrupted

The past few days I’ve been eating much more than I usually do. The Dominican food is good –but not that good. I’ve made up some really good excuses that I almost bought into myself: it’s that time of the month, chocolate is proven to be good for you etc.

I usually don’t have any problems when it comes to food (as I know so many people do which is a shame, but that’s a subject for another blog post). At the same time I don’t feel good when I lose my eating balance, no matter if I eat too much or too little. It’s a clear sign from the body that something isn’t right, it’s the tip of the iceberg, something needs to be dealt with. Our body is so smart; it knows exactly what we need as long as we listen to its signals.

For me, my balance is only disrupted when I’m too much in my own head.

Not having inner-peace and trying to bring calm to myself by eating. Recognition anyone..? My unbalance has been the result of several things: changes in the project I’m working on, not enough alone-time, negative energy in my surrounding etc. 

One thing I’ve learned in moments of lost balance is to never to be harsh with myself. Punishment is never the right answer. I’ve done that in the past and it never leads anywhere good. The balance was lost, the food is already eaten – it is what it is. Thinking negatively about it won’t change anything, that’s just foolish.

So, today I’ve dug into the iceberg and found the causes of my unbalance. I’ve also decided how I will react to it – the peace is restored people!

Now I’ll be extra kind to myself – I’ll treat myself as I would do with a very good friend.

Just gotta finish this one last spoon of Nutella..

The benefit of lacking money

Money. Yes, let’s talk a bit about money and when you’re in the lack of it. Both my sister and I have the dream of living in New York, so when we began this life adventure the natural place to start was just there: the concrete jungle where dreams are made. My sister stayed in the city after her UN internship and when I arrived in New York she tells me the status of her bank account: $1. Awesome. So, we’re in one of the world’s most expensive cities with no place to live, no visa, no job and only my savings to live on.

I had to tell myself to stay calm and not panic. At least I was in New York, right?

I’ve always been scared of not having enough money. To not be able to pay for myself, buy the cloths I want and live life fully. The months before I decided to leave my job in Paris, I was so uncomfortable with my situation that this big fear of mine shrank and turned into a no-biggie. When I started rationalizing about it, I knew that I always could get money somehow.

Anyways, back to New York and it being one of the cities with the highest rents in the world. Paying for rent was simply not an option (unless we wanted to spend all money and come back home broke). So we became creative. My sister had already been house-watching an apartment for the past 1,5 month, so we knew that the only way for us to live cheap in the city would be by connecting with people. We did dog-sitting, baby-sitting and stayed at friends’ apartments for a few nights and while they were out of town. We even stayed at a guy’s place who I had met on Tinder (and now we’re really good friends, lol).

The point I’m trying to make is that in today’s society we want to be independent and not put ourselves in a situation where we ask others for help. We isolate ourselves more than ever, which creates separation and loneliness. When you put yourself in a situation where you need other people; you open up for connections that usually take months or even years to establish.

The Ben Franklin effect takes place: when we do a favor for someone else, we tend to like them better. Why? Because we justify the favor we did by saying to ourselves that it was because we like the person.

At the end of our 2 months in New York, we had stayed at 10 different places, taken care of 4 kids, 2 dogs and 1 cat. Yes, it was difficult to move around a lot, yes it was scary not knowing where we would live the following night and yes I had a couple of nose bleeds (I get that when I’m stressed). BUT I loved the whole experience. The more people found out about our situation, the more they wanted to help. Eventually we had to say no to those asking us to stay with them.

In our vulnerable state, we simply had to connect with people and this created very strong bonds. We have friends for life just from these two months. From this experience (which is still a reality because now we’re staying with another friend in the Dominican Republic) I’ve realized the importance of knowing what’s important. I have to appreciate the one bag of cloths I have, really enjoy that cup of coffee when I buy one and focus on what I DO have, instead of what I’m lacking. Even though we’re in a period where we’re tight on money, we’ve never given away more money to those in need. You get a new perspective of their situation and can’t help but to give away those extra coins in your pocket.

Of course money is important and yes I want to make more than sufficient money one day. But, when the path to what we truly desire is blocked by the fear of money, we should NOT let it stop us.