When peace is disrupted

The past few days I’ve been eating much more than I usually do. The Dominican food is good –but not that good. I’ve made up some really good excuses that I almost bought into myself: it’s that time of the month, chocolate is proven to be good for you etc.

I usually don’t have any problems when it comes to food (as I know so many people do which is a shame, but that’s a subject for another blog post). At the same time I don’t feel good when I lose my eating balance, no matter if I eat too much or too little. It’s a clear sign from the body that something isn’t right, it’s the tip of the iceberg, something needs to be dealt with. Our body is so smart; it knows exactly what we need as long as we listen to its signals.

For me, my balance is only disrupted when I’m too much in my own head.

Not having inner-peace and trying to bring calm to myself by eating. Recognition anyone..? My unbalance has been the result of several things: changes in the project I’m working on, not enough alone-time, negative energy in my surrounding etc. 

One thing I’ve learned in moments of lost balance is to never to be harsh with myself. Punishment is never the right answer. I’ve done that in the past and it never leads anywhere good. The balance was lost, the food is already eaten – it is what it is. Thinking negatively about it won’t change anything, that’s just foolish.

So, today I’ve dug into the iceberg and found the causes of my unbalance. I’ve also decided how I will react to it – the peace is restored people!

Now I’ll be extra kind to myself – I’ll treat myself as I would do with a very good friend.

Just gotta finish this one last spoon of Nutella..

6 thoughts on “When peace is disrupted

  1. ~Matthew Heartsound says:

    Glad to here the peace is back! 😉 And enjoy that Nutella….it’s worth thousands here! lol (But I have never once even tasted the stuff! lol Love to you! ~Matthew

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