My #1 priority in life

My number one priority every day is to FEEL GOOD. Because that’s really what life’s about, isn’t it? That’s why we want to find the love of our life, make money, have that perfect body etc. It’s all about getting that positive feeling of joy, satisfaction, excitement, prosperity and happiness. Feeling good is much more important than what we often give it credit for. It’s not a feeling we should just get by the end of accomplishing something; it should be and is our natural state of being.

It’s the feeling we should wake up with every morning and go to bed with at night. But why is feeling good so important that I make it my number one priority every day? Because when we feel positive, optimistic and happy – our world changes accordingly.

Everything is energy, even our feelings and thoughts. Energy vibrates at different frequencies; the positive ones are vibrating on a much higher level than the negative ones. For example, peace is vibrating on a level which is 30x stronger than shame. What we vibrate, we attract into our lives. That’s universal law. We can’t tune into the frequency of love if our thoughts and feelings are the ones of frustration. I noticed a major shift in my life when I made me feeling good my number one priority in life. Let me tell you how.

One year ago I had recently found out about a friend’s death and the fact that my ex (with whom I’d been with for 7 years) had met someone new. I was in despair. The last thing I remember when hanging up from the “I have a new girl friend” call was that I was on the floor shaking like a maniac, crying AND puking. Not a pretty sight I can tell you. It was all too much for me to handle and I couldn’t possible understand the point of life.

Was it all just about barely making it through alive? I was on a very low vibration made up of fear, guilt and despair. All I could see was how horrible the world was; filled with war, hatred and people treating each other in the most awful ways. The guys I attracted into my life said everything about how I felt about myself. They treated me how I felt I deserved to be treated – without respect and with no act of love.

Here’s the happy part. Today I woke up with a feeling of “Oh my god it’s a new day – I can’t wait for it to start!”. I feel asleep last night with a big smile on my face. I barely recognize the feeling of anxiety anymore; when it comes I get reminded again how that’s a place I DO NOT want to get into. I’ve made lots of conscious decisions in order to get to where I am today. I’ve let go of all the things that no longer serves me in my life. I’ve almost stopped completely watching, reading and talking about subject’s that don’t bring me up.

What have my shift in priorities resulted in?

I’m not even sure where to begin. I’m writing this blog post from an island in the Caribbean, I’ve been living rent-free in different place for the past 3 months and I’ve met some of the most amazing people on this planet. I’ve had the most incredible date of my life, I’ve met a spiritual ‘mentor’ who’s helped me immensely and I constantly meet people that can help me move my business forward (yes, I also started a business).

These are all amazing things, but in the end what has really changed is my perspective of life. I see it differently now. I hear the birds singing their beautiful songs; I see the moon making shadows at night and I can really taste how delicious my coffee is in the morning. Most of all, I feel how my body fills itself up with life in every breathe and just loves being in that natural state of ease, flow and happiness. Gosh! 🙂

Also, what makes this priority even better is that we can only be of true service to the world from a place of joy, happiness and contentment – not fear, shame and dissatisfaction.



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