Be the change

I’ve spent the past week with my family here in the Dominican. It’s been amazing and I’ve loved it, BUT I’ve struggled to keep my balance and focus. My number one priority every day is to feel good – only then can I attract good things into my life, manifest what I desire and spread all that goodness to others. I’m trying to re-program myself to live life without resistance, to letting myself get pulled into that ‘flow of life’. I’m making a lot of progress, but when I’m around my family I tend to slip into old behaviors.

My dad is a very logical and rational person, a typical left-brain mentality. I love him, but it’s difficult sometimes when we don’t look at life the same way. He thinks that we have to work hard and struggle to get what we want, while I believe the exact opposite; working hard and struggle only attracts more hard work and struggle.

Instead of just accepting and loving him for the way he is, I’ve tried to change him. Ohh so many times I’ve tried. When I see him struggle I just want to tell him “THERE IS A BETTER WAY TO DO THIS”. I so badly want him to experience how life CAN be.

Since he’s a medical professor I’ve tried to scientifically show how, for example chakras (our energy centers) DO exist. Yesterday my mom and I held a crystal stone over each chakra to demonstrate how it was moving circles due to the energy of the chakras. He still thinks that it was my hand moving, even thought it WAS STILL.

So I’ve decided now to stop trying to change him (because he is perfect the way he is) and instead BE THE CHANGE I want to see in the world.

Well said words Buddha.

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