When there’s no escape

Death is a topic difficult to talk about. Why? Because most of us are not used to talking about it. We try to ignore it until that very day when it looks us straight into the eyes.

I don’t want to fear death, not for myself or anyone else. I want to be able to look at it as something beautiful – a transition to something better.

I believe that when we die, we transcend to our true source. It’s where we let go of all resistance and live in complete peace, harmony and with unconditional love.

Yet I have a friend who’s dying and I cannot help but to feel sad. I’m sad that he’s leaving way too young, that he recently met the love of his life and probably won’t have time to marry her or have children (they would have amazing children!). I’m sad that I’m losing a very dear friend of mine, someone who’s always been there for me and helped me move in the direction of my true self. I will miss our daily interaction. I’m sad that the world will be a bit less magical without him in it (although I know he’ll be around, not just in the same physical form).

I heard yesterday that when someone dies we don’t actually miss them – we miss the fact that they bring us closer to who we really are, closer to source.

I know he doesn’t want me to feel sad, so I’m thinking instead of how grateful I am that our paths crossed. That I had the chance to know this wonderful person.

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