Open your doors

I’m learning so much here, especially when it comes to hospitality. We’re staying with a friend and when I told her that I might have some more friends coming here (you become very popular when you’re in the Dominican lol), her response was: “So let’s invite them to stay with us”.

In Sweden, we don’t exactly have the ‘Mi casa es su casa’ mentality. We mind our own business and we don’t share very freely. Actually we don’t even speak to people we don’t know, because that’s considered weird. My god!

Here, people share everything. I love that. In New York we were staying with people we’d met only two times. For the past two months 8 people have invited us to their homes and many more have offered us to stay with them. Today we got invited to Buenos Aires. Lol. This is so inspiring to me.

By opening the doors to others we also invite interesting conversations, the opportunity to grow and friends for life. We create bonds with people in a way that is difficult to do in other ways, or at least they take much longer to establish. Once I have a place to live in, my doors will be open for others.

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3 thoughts on “Open your doors

    • Maria says:

      Thank you for your very kind words! You put a smile on my face. I always get so happy when I hear that people like my writing, because I’ve always thought of myself as a bad writer. Many thanks again and have an amazing day! Love, Maria


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