This year I..

– Started a blog
– Quit my job
– Moved from Paris
– Hit rock bottom and turned it around
– Ran my first race
– Took a French course in Nice
– Met many new and dear friends from all over the world
– Swam with sharks
– Traveled to Mallorca with my family
– Had the best guacamole in Mexico
– Visited the Monte Carlo casino
– Got my first internet friend (and a very dear one)
– Got healing
– Started meditating and doing yoga every day
– Found out what I wanted in life (start a business and live in New York)
– Applied to the green card lottery
– Started a business
– Danced bachata in the Dominican Republic with locals
– Traveled to New York 3 times
– Lived in New York for 2 months on minimal budget (only paid for housing 10 days)
– Went on my best date ever
– Erased a lot of limiting beliefs about myself
– Tried mdma in Paris and ecstasy in Amsterdam (and never doing it again after how bad I felt the days after the second time)
– Felt the power and unconditional love of the Divine (OMG)
– Walked up to guys I thought were cute and told them so
– Dated guys from Tunisia, France, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Marocco, the US and Nicaragua
– Realized how amazing life CAN be

If this was 2014, how amazing will not 2015 be then?

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