I wanted to dedicate this blog post to a very special friend of mine. A brother from another mother so to speak.

We meet through this blog and since he left his first comment here, we’ve stayed in contact. Every day we’ve written long emails to each other. We’ve probably written a whole book by now. Lol. If we haven’t emailed – we’ve texted, sent pictures or videos. We haven’t had the chance to meet yet since he’s in Canada, but hopefully we will soon.

He’s impacted my life massively. He looks at life in different way, in a way I love. Even though he’s experienced more pain in life by the age of 32 then most people ever will in a life time or two – he loves life more then anyone I know. He’s truly an inspiration.

He’s helped me believe in myself again. He’s taught me the importance of BALANCE and CHOICE in life. He’s been there for me in sunshine and rain, and never once has he let me down. He’s made me understand the importance of being present and the value of words.

HE IS LOVE, in its purest form.

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