It’s been one year..

One year since that night that changed everything. One year since you had that argument and forgot your phone so you had no one to call. One year since I suddenly was feeling extremely low, but I didn’t understand why (I was soon about to find out).

One year since you made the decision to leave.

It’s been one year and so much has changed since then. I’ve changed. What hasn’t changed is that I still miss you.

I think back about your big blue eyes, your laughter that was so sincere and genuine, your intense presence when we were talking – it was like it was only us and no one else existed.

Everything I do is with you in mind.

I know you’re there beside me, influencing what I’m doing, making sure I’m on the right track. I can feel it. Sometimes when I haven’t been present enough for a while you give me a gentle reminder – usually a picture of you will pop up somewhere.

You’re always in my heart Kajsa.


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