Being mindful

When there are lots of things happening, it’s difficult to stay mindful and present. No doubt about that. Now is one of those periods and I’ve made it clear to myself that I WILL BE PRESENT. I won’t let myself get swept away by worries for the future or bad feelings from the past.

Even the word says it itself: being present is a gift we receive over and over again.

And guess what? Today I’ve been very present and mindful. Even when there was a dog barking next to me at the coffee place (since when are you allowed to have dogs in a coffee house btw?), when I woke up way to late (10.30 am when I had planned to go up at 8 am) and when I throughout the day lacked time for… well everything – I stayed present and I accepted every moment as it was.

For that I’m very grateful ๐Ÿ™‚

Sleep tight sweet readers!

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