We’ve officially reached a low point..

I went and bought toothpaste today for $9. My sister thought it was too expensive so she went and returned it. Now I’m brushing my teeth in coconut oil. Lol. Our dinner consisted of tomato soup and beans (yes combined).

But I’m laughing like never before. And that’s worth everything.

7 thoughts on “We’ve officially reached a low point..

      • Optimistic Kid says:

        I was young and stupid. Just cared about school and partying my butt off. Had a job that didn’t pay much so I found myself in financial trouble after awhile. I lost my apartment and moved into my truck for about three months. The first month was a little depressing. I didn’t have much money and had to wait two weeks for my next paycheck. I had to eat cans of tuna with bread or bread and peanut butter everyday. I used to fill a water bottle with water so I could brush my teeth with baking soda. I used the school gym to shower. By the second month I already had a plan to save as much as possible to get a new place. I was spending $5 a day living out of my truck so I was able to save a lot of my money. Was able to bounce back and by the end of the third month I had saved enough money to get a place to live. The experience changed my life. I created a budget and stopped going out every night. Now I can always look back at it and laugh.
        The silly thing is that my parents could have helped me but I was a young man full of pride and decided to find a way without their help.


      • Maria says:

        Omg, that’s an impressive story! Thanks for sharing. You made it through by yourself and it changed your life – that’s so awesome. It says a lot about you! ๐Ÿ™‚ have an amazing evening!


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