Where do we live?

We have two more nights in this apartment before we need to move out. We don’t know where we’re going after. We got an apartment last week in Brooklyn, but since it didn’t really feel right we asked to get some sign from the universe telling us it wasn’t right if that was the case, before we signed the lease at 4 pm. And we did. At 2 pm the same day we got a confirmation email saying that the deposit was 50%, when we got told it was 15%.

So we trusted the sign we had received and said NO.

We’ve had several ‘apartment leads’ the past two days. One girl contacted us saying that she needs room mates – but then she didn’t get back to us. One man said that he might have a solution for us – but he’s obviously a mafia guy sooo that’s no option (he said “I own half of Williamsburg” and “You’re not guilty before they can prove that you are”). Another friend texted about an apartment we could rent in Nolita – but it was way too expensive.

We have two days left, but I’m trusting the universe that WE HAVE A PLACE TO STAY from Sunday.

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