Today I’m grateful..

  • For my wonderful and loving family
  • For my amazing friends, no matter where they are in the world (Stockholm, Paris, New York, London, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Sydney etc.)
  • For all the magic life has to offer (today when I was walking the dogs, a white little feather fell from the sky and landed just in front of where I was walking. Beautiful gift!)
  • To have a place to stay (never thought this would be so high up on a my gratitude list lol)
  • For new and exciting projects
  • That life now is going in the direction I want
  • For new people and opportunities that come into my life
  • That I can work with my incredible and amazing sister
  • For people that are trying to make this world a better place (this girl for example)
  • For yoga and meditation
  • That I’m more and more having a feeling of completeness
  • For people in New York that are being so open and talkative
  • For all the support I get from people everywhere (lots through this blog)
  • That I, and most of the people I know, are healthy
  • For chocolate (mmm…)
  • That I get to spend thanksgiving with the two dogs and the cat (one of us had to stay home and watch them)
  • For LIFE


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