Trusting the universe

I had a blog post just ready to be published. It was about how we had finally found an apartment in Brooklyn, but I never posted it because just when we were about to go and sign the lease today – we declined the offer. Somehow it didn’t feel right. The apartment was lacking energy, or not lacking per say, I just felt it wasn’t right even though it was a very cute place. I also feel deep within that something else, something better will come along.

Our parents are panicking for us, they would have wanted us to FIND A PLACE TO STAY, like yesterday. Taking that apartment would have been more to please them, than ourselves (even though we of course wonder where we will stay in 2 weeks). But I couldn’t ignore the fact that my intuition clearly was stating to not sign the lease. I feel very good from that decision, even though it’s the choice of uncertainty.

Now I will know if my parents read my blog. Lol. If they do, I can expect a “oh no, what did you do???!”- call.

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