Is it the ego?

This morning me and my sister got into an argument. While we were listening to a program, I made a comment about it. She responded and in that reply I felt as what she had said was directed towards me. She was just speaking in general, but by the way she said it I felt as if she was making a ‘hobby analysis’ on me – something I wasn’t really in the mood for 9am a Sunday morning. Being sisters while living and working together can be really amazing, but also very challenging at times. We know what buttons to push with each other.

Anyway, we both felt as it the other person’s ego was the one driving the conversation. That got me thinking, how we do know when it’s your authentic selves talking or when it’s the ego in disguise? The ego can be clever, it can make you think that your the victim here and someone else is stepping on your toes.

One thing I believe is that an ego can’t be triggered without another ego. I guess I got the answer right there – it was both of our egos.

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