Trusting the universe

Me and my sister are coming back to New York on the 11th of November. For two weeks starting the 23rd of November we’re staying at a friends apartment to take care of her dogs, while she’s modeling abroad. We’ve been missing accommodation for 12 days before we move in, but since we put in an intention that accommodation will work out, we haven’t actively looked for an alternative. Intentions only become real if you fully trust that they will – that’s when the universe will catch you. Trusting can be very difficult, because we’re used to taking control over situations.

Yesterday it finally happened – we received an email from the friend who we’re staying with for two weeks. She asked if we could move in earlier because she got another modeling job. Also, an ex-colleague of mine previously asked if we wanted to stay in her guest room for a few days so now we have free accommodation until the 7th of December. Due to our restricted financial situation, staying for free helps us gain time to launch our project.

Our dad thinks we’re just lucky, but we know different. Thank you universe!

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