Stop waiting for real life to begin

I have often told myself things like ‘If I work out, I can enjoy myself after‘, ‘I just need that position at work, then I can be satisfied‘ and ‘once I have met the love of my life, I can be happy‘. That’s really just waiting for Life to begin. I have always had obstacles and things to finish before I could allow myself to be happy. Like I was waiting for everything to fall into place and be perfect before I could start enjoying life.

Now I have realized that’s just bullshit. It’s our minds trying to lead us to believe that if we think a little bit more, do a little bit more or reach a little bit higher – we can be happy. The mind is very clever so we often tend to believe it, but we shouldn’t take our thoughts so serious. There is no way of reaching happiness by seeing the Now as a means to an end. I need to remind myself of this every day. Even in the most stressful situations, I need to simply just place my focus in the present. That’s when I realize that there is so much that I appreciate, that everything always is alright and that I AM happy now. Not tomorrow, or next week, but now.

“Happiness is a journey, not a destination…” – Souza

2 thoughts on “Stop waiting for real life to begin

  1. peaceloveanunity says:

    This is soo true! thanks for posting, indeed happiness is a way of life rather than a destination. If we continue living hoping after we accomplish certain things we will be happy, we will only be grumpy forevr!


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