No more judgement

I’m feeling so good here in New York. I’m relaxed, calm and happy. These days I’m spending with a couple of friends from Paris and we’re just enjoying ourselves. Even though there is so much I have yet to do, I’m not anxious and I have no more of that uncomfortable and nagging feeling inside of me. I find time to work every day, but now I’m actually eager to work because I truly enjoy it. I feel inspired and creative.

I just realized why I’m feeling this good when I was talking to a friend today. There’s no more judgment. I’ve gotten rid of everything I could ‘loose’ in my life: apartment, boyfriend, job etc. I have nothing more to loose. I can’t identify myself with anything or anyone, there’s only me left now. It’s such a relief being in a place, both physically and mentally, where I feel that people can’t judge me. It can only get better from here and now I’m feeling amazing, at peace and free.

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