Everyday I’m hustlin

I’ve now been in New York for 8 days and we’ve stayed on the upper west side at YMCA, in Nolita with an American friend, in Hoboken with a Costa Rican friend and tonight with a Dutch friend in her hotel in Greenwich Village. My sister has gone back to Sweden for a few days due to her visa, which is a bit sad.

We’re literally nomads until we know better about our situation here – how long we can stay, when we’ll start making money etc. Even though it’s not the ideal situation with no income, visa or apartment – I’m so happy and grateful. I am no longer behind a desk doing something I don’t like. I’m with my sister, working on things I LOVE. Everyday I have time for mediation and yoga, I’m finding back my inner peace even if the outside can be stormy at times. When it does, we just start singing “everyday I’m hustling.”

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