Words worth sharing

I love having conversations with taxi drivers, they always have stories to share. Many of them have been through a lot in life (in Sweden many come as immigrants). When I went to the airport today, I had a really interesting conversation with a taxi driver who had left Iran for Sweden due to war. All by himself, he had left his entire family to find peace and freedom.

He talked about how communication between people have changed in comparison to when he arrived in Sweden in the 80s. Now, people don’t have time for each other any more. Even though we have robots and computers doing much of our work, we work more. It makes no sense. He mentioned that people have a false idea about safety, because they think that economical safety is the answer. ‘Modern slavery’ was his word and I agree with so much of what he said. We push ourselves, we focus on the future and rarely the present moment. We miss why we’re on this earth, we miss what’s really important…. We miss LIFE – to be alive, to enjoy ourselves and to have fun every day- not just during weekends and vacations.

Right before I stepped out of the car he smiled and said “There are two things that I’ll never regret in life: moving to Sweden and having kids.”

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