Lately I’ve had a lot of coincidences happening. As I don’t believe in coincidences, I prefer to use the word ‘serendipity’. I love that word. It’s just filled with happiness, excitement and bliss. I wanted to tell you about one that happened yesterday.

I haven’t mentioned before, but there’s a man who I’ve gotten to know through this blog. It all started with him commenting many of my posts. We kind of got to know each other through those comments and after finding out that he’s ‘spiritually awakened’, I decided to conduct an interview with him and post that on the blog. You can find the interview here. Ever since that interview we’ve continued to email with each other every day and today we’re actually very good friends. He’s teaching me A LOT and helping me to keep my balance, even when the toughest storms come in. I’m still not sure how I’m helping him, but he’s saying that I do so I guess I simply need to trust that ๐Ÿ™‚

Yesterday, right after meeting my ex boyfriend I received the below image from him with the following text: ‘This is how amazing YOU are… we ALL are. It’s in US‘. I asked if he had felt my emotions, because this message was EXACTLY what I need to hear at that EXACT time. His answer was: “Yes I did.. I felt I simply needed to remind you.

See.. because staying with my ex would have meant for me to ‘fit into this world’. It would have meant for me to stay in Stockholm, find a job, buy an apartment, get kids, buy a house in the suburbs etc. Let’s just say I pretty much could predict how my life would turn out. I’ve always felt a need to ‘break free’, to find a higher meaning of life and to FIND ME and my very special gifts. I feel so deeply within me that I was born to create something different. I’m not saying my life here with him would have been bad, not at all, I’m just saying that chances would have been much smaller that I would become my true self. And isn’t that the point of life, to becoming who we truly are? I find it so amazing that my friend could feel my energy, even though he’s on a different continent. Again I’m left with simply having to trust that things will work out. How can I not?

I have to admit that I’m still a bit shaken after seeing my ex yesterday, but I guess that’s normal. I just need to let go of the past now. I need to let go in order for new, better things to come along. And who knows what gifts that are waiting, maybe just around the corner..?


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