New morning ritual

I started a new morning ritual that I can highly recommend. It’s the first thing I do when I wake up and after I have so much more energy, I’m focused and things just seem to ‘flow’ and come to me. Days when I haven’t done my meditation, I can feel just of-balance. It’s almost like I’m ‘anchoring’ myself in me – I find my calm, peace and inner love. I wanted to share this ritual with you, which I’ve gathered from different people. I’ve also tried different types of morning routines, but this is the one I like by far the most.

Morning meditation: 10 min

1. Grounding: imagine how love you fills you up completely. Once you’re filled, feel how it expands from within you to the room you’re in, the city, country, continent and finally into the whole universe.
2. Gratitude: think and feel gratitude for 5 things that happened during the past week.
3. Removal of negative energy: imagine how you bring a negative situation/person in front of you and ask them to forgive you, then forgive them. By doing this you let the negative energy go from you.
4. Day dream: imagine your dream life and that it is already so – DON’T limit yourself.
5. Set intentions: go through your day and how you’d like it to unfold. Who will you meet? What will these meetings bring you?
6. Ask for a blessing: Ask the universe to give you the energy and strength you need.

The Five Tibetans: 15 min

These yoga exercises have been practised by Tibetan Monks since 2,500 years back. When you practice it daily, it’s said to enhance your mental memory, improve your health and support emotional well-being. It’s also said to be an anti-aging cure. The five rites speed up the spinning of the chakras (our 7 energy centers of the body) and increases the flow of energy from them and outward.

Check the video below for the exercises.

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