“Your career is like a love relationship”

This is what the French taxi driver said when he drove me to the airport on Friday. “If it isn’t someone you want to be with everyday, someone who makes you laugh, feel good and inspired – you get out.” This man had left his career in communication to retrain and become a psychologist. Since many years back now, he’s working in Casablanca, Marroco, with poor kids and their parents. He said that it comes so natural to him, he wants to give back and to have a job where he makes an impact. He said that he wants to give from his heart.

I was just amazed at his story. As the job in Marroco didn’t bring much income he had to work for Uber when he was in Paris, but this man truly LOVED his life. It made me realize just how much we can learn from each other. As he dropped me off, he made lots of jokes and tried to convince to go skip the flight to Stockholm and to drive all the way to Marroco with him, as we were “on the way and all”. I was joking saying “Sure, I have my bags with me”, but he then said: “Maria, I’m dead serious. I go where I want, when I want. Life’s meant to be experienced”.

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