Tears, sweat, signs and waaay too much luggage..

I’m at the Paris airport about to fly to Stockholm. I came here with 25 kg (!) overweight (45 kg in total) and when the girl at the counter told me I was like “ehheehhumm…”. She said it’s 10€ per extra kilo which would be 250€…. Finally, I got to re-pack my bags two times and I managed to only pay 36€. Puuuh!

This morning I found two feathers in the hallway. Love these little signs from the universe. It’s like someone is whispering “you’re on the right way”. Wonderful!

My eyes are swollen from all the crying, my mascara is not where it’s supposed to be, I’m sweaty from all the carrying AND I’m oily in my hair after a massage at a healer earlier today. Please, please, please – don’t let me meet anyone I know…

Au revoir Paris !



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