An amazing day!

Yesterday was an amazing day. It was also very spiritual, which I love! I went with one of my best friends to Fontainebleau outside of Paris, where we visited another friend who studies at Insead. It’s a top MBA business school, so it was cool to see it. Lots of people were walking around in suits as it was the period of interviews. Almost everyone wanted to become a consultant and my friend was telling us how she knows deep inside that she doesn’t want to work as a consultant. She had still done interviews because of what people there were telling her: amazing salary, great starting point, interesting career etc. Instead she wants to start something related to food, but in this environment that isn’t considered as ‘the smart choice’. We had a really good conversation and towards the end of the lunch she said that she really appreciated our talk as it gave her a different perspective. When me and my friend went to visit the castle in the area, we continued this conversation and came up with an idea that we want to do together. We were so enthusiastic, sitting in the park of a huge castle just brainstorming. Now, THAT’S my kind of work space!

When we had finished our brainstorming we tried to find a taxi. We were looking on the streets and we tried to call, but we couldn’t get one. So I told my friend about a ‘little trick’ that I do. You put the tip of your tongue towards the soft part of the ceiling of your month and with your mouth closed you think about what you want. Maybe you want a free parking space, the best meal on the menu or a fun evening. By doing this you prepare yourself for success and the majority of the time, as crazy as it might seem, it actually works. And believe it or not – after 2 minutes a taxi shows up. My friend was shocked. On top of this, when we were about to get out of the taxi the taxi driver suddenly told us that we have very different characters me and my friend. She is more of a thinker and I’m more ‘out there’. We ended up missing 2 trains because we stayed in the taxi talking to this man, who was very spiritual. He told us how we have different bodies (physical and non-physical), how we need to find a balance between what our soul and body desire, how our body always tells us what’s wrong and what’s right, guardians watching over us etc. My friend isn’t very spiritual herself, but both me and her brother is so she’s used to us talking about aura’s, chakras, healing, the third eye, energies etc. I’m meeting spiritual people quite often, but my friend has never had this type of encounter before. She was so shocked and finally she said ‘“Ok Maria, give me the number to your healer’. Lol. I LOVE days when you just flow with the universe, when things just fall into place, interesting people show up and you just live, love and adore life itself!

Us laying down brainstorming on the bench 🙂


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