You’re still here!

The last couple of weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about my friend who took her life away a few months back. I’ve re-arranged her pictures so they’re much more visible, I’ve found her old gloves and I’ve thought about her family. She’s my driving force in the life change I’m making. I want to dedicate everything I’m doing to her, her death hasn’t been for nothing.

Yesterday I sent a picture of her to a very spiritually connected friend of mine. He said that her eyes tell a story filled with love, much fear and struggles of not feeling like she belonged. Now, she has unconditional love deep within that fills her fully. She’s happy. He also said that she’s watching over me and that’s she’s my guardian. When I told him that I’ve re-arranged her photos he said that’s most likely her telling me what to do with her pictures. Lol. Instead of being on my chest of drawers she wanted to be right next to me on my dinner table ๐Ÿ™‚

I told a common friend of ours about this conversation. She then told me that a few weeks back she had started thinking a lot about her as well and also re-arranged her pictures. She also wanted to be more visible in my friends apartment, which she is now.

This knowing filled me with so much calm and peace. Kajsa, I’m so happy you’re still with me โค


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