Attention PLEASE!

Yesterday I struggled a bit with guy issues. That might have been clear from my previous post lol. This night as I was in a ‘half dreaming half awake’ state, I was thinking about how the ego wants to define itself from external possessions. The ego thinks that things define us. Of course we can value and care for things, but as soon as we feel attached to them it’s the ego talking. Same goes for people that surrounds us.

A friend of mine was telling me that ‘the heart and soul can bring a hunger that our minds tell us MUST be fed.‘ Once I had identified this situation as a frustration of the ego, it was much easier to let go. Sometimes the ego is playing the big drums and screaming like a kid not getting to eat candy. It does EVERYTHING to get our attention and for me it took at while before I had identified that it wasn’t me thinking these things – it was the ego. I was resisting the ‘what is’ and the more I wasn’t accepting and surrendering to the situation, the more I was feeding my ego.

Sorry little ego-monkey, you’ve revealed yourself and from now on you don’t get my attention.

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