A thought about men

Why do men take up SO much of our time? If they only knew… We talk about them, analyze them and imagine things insanely quickly after meeting someone (like how our name sounds with their last name). If I would get a cent for every hour I’ve spent with girlfriends talking about men, I’d be rich by now.

We’re trying to be ‘high-value’ and in just one second, everything we’ve built up can be torn down. In one second our desire and need for a man can erase all our principles. All logic disappear and a voice inside is telling us to go against everything that is ‘high-value’. That little devil voice is telling us to: ‘send another text’, ‘ask to meet one more time’, ‘call again’. One minute we’re in full control, the next one it’s like we lost it all.

Stupid, amazing, annoying, fantastic, adorable men. What do you do to us?

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