A day of LOVE

Make today amazing. Whatever you’re doing, just stop and breath in the air. Feel the air that fills your lungs with energy, oxygen and LIFE. You’re alive and that’s a miracle itself. You’re here on this earth to experience all its magic. You’re here to live, dance, play, share moments, give, take, dare, take risks, laugh, inspire, get inspired and to LOVE. Not just love for a significant other, but to love life. Love what you’re doing, love the people you’re surrounded by, love the animals, the nature. Make this day about love. Feel how you’re filled with so much love, you simple can’t help but to give it to other people. It simply spills over. Feel how your love expands beyond the room you’re in, beyond the city, country and the continent you’re on. Your love is so powerful and it affects so many. Now that’s amazing.

“I love love, and I love life. I love. I just love. It’s just great. It’s the most enduring element we have love.” – Gary Busey

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