French, feathers and amazing products

Yesterday I met a French friend of mine. He doesn’t speak much English, so our conversations are all in French. Since I felt tired from the detox, I had a very hard time communicating. Can’t say I was the best of company. Lol. Anway, he told me to come by his place later that evening. My other plans had just gotten cancelled, so I thought that spending the evening with him watching a movie or something could be nice. Well…. when I came to his place there were plenty of food and drinks prepared. I asked him why, he didn’t expect more people did he? Apparently, during our conversation earlier he had invited me to an evening of ‘product demonstrations’ with his colleagues. Yes, I was a bit chocked that I hadn’t understood that small detail. Lol.

The next 4 hours were all in French, they were explaining and we were testing the products. No one spoke English except for one guy who had very limited English. It wasn’t what I was in the mood for AT ALL – but I actually ended up having really fun. They showed some amazing products that I’m now considering to sell as well. It’s all natural ingredients and the products helps to remove toxins, fat, stretch marks, acne, cellulite’s etc. We were two that tested; one girl lost 1 cm around each arm and I did a face mask which made my skin look a lot better – all within 45 min. It’s also permanent. I need to read more about this in English, because I didn’t understand everything but apparently lots of celebrities use it (then it should be good right? 😉 ). I’m always very skeptical to these ‘quick fixes’, but these seems to be very good and healthy products to use. After all, we intake a lot of toxins on a daily basis, so I guess this helps the body restore itself. When I walked back I found a green feather, among several white and grey ones, on the street. A green feather symbolizes money, prosperity, growth, health and fertility.

So what’s my point of all this? If I wouldn’t have been so tired I didn’t understand my friend yesterday, I don’t think I would have come that evening. Then finding this feather on the way back is a clear sign for me from the universe. So stay tuned!


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