Dreaming the dream

A few days ago a had an amazing dream. I was in the Caribbean with some friends and two times a saw a message that is related to the business I want to start. We were surrounded by sailing boats (I love to sail) and lots of hot guys. Lol. All of the sudden, I saw a golden coin in the water. When I looked closer it was one euro, and then I saw more and more one and two euro coins. A friend of mine have a friend who’s a medium, so he asked her about the dream and the meaning behind it. Without knowing anything about me or my plans, this was her reply:

“When finding coins in a dream state, it often means that in your waking life you are becoming aware of finding something or someone who is considered valuable or treasured. It also means a higher spiritual growth within your own self. My distant dream interpretation of finding and seeing money sometimes indicates that the dreamer may be planning on starting a rather risky business. Do not give up or be disillusioned for the end results will be obtained.”

When I read the last part I started laughing so much – it’s so spot on. I want to start my business in New York, without having enough money or a visa to do it. I just know within me that this is what I want to do, or at least that this will take me in the right direction. I need to remember what she said so I can look back at it when I need to. And I’m sure I will need to.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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