Spiritual awakening signs

I listed below some of the changes I’m experiencing based on what other people have described as ‘Signs of an Awakening’. How many of them do you recognize yourself in?

Changing sleep patterns: Waking up in the middle of the night at or around the same time, feeling wide awake and needing to be up.

Energetic activity: A sense of energy vibrating on the top of the head, sometimes it feels like someone is pushing a finger into the center of the head (the opening of the crown chakra). Same tingling sensation where the ‘third eye’ is located. 

Sudden waves of emotion and sensitivity: Much higher sensitivity; feeling very sad, angry or happy quickly – emotional roller coaster. Sudden inexplicable panic or anxiety attack occurring for no valid reason. Extreme sensitivity to negative energy around specific people or environments. More easily pick up the thoughts, feelings, desires and needs of others.

‘Old things’ come up:  People I need to work things out with appear, mostly in my dreams.

Changes in eating habits: Lately, there is some food I can’t stand any more: red meat (and meat in general most of the time) and processed food.

Enhanced senses: Increased hearing, sometimes I can’t stand the noise from the street (even though I’m three floors up). I can see shimmering objects and glittery particles. I can also have the feeling of being touched and surrounded by ‘something’ / ‘someone’ (but I’m not scared).

Power surges: Suddenly feeling heated from head to toe.

Vivid dreams: Many dreams carry a message. There can be things I need to process, let go off or a confirmation that I’m walking in the right direction.

Events that have altered my life: Death, change in job situation and a break-up.

• A desire to ‘Break Free’: Strong need to ‘find myself’ and my life purpose – now! I want to break free from restrictive patterns: a 9-5 job, old behaviours that no longer serve me as well as toxic people or situations. Strong desire to be creative and free to be who I really am.

• Emotional and mental confusion: A feeling that I need to get my life straightened out, it feels like a mess. At the same time I can feel chaotic and unable to focus.

• A sense of change: There’s a feeling that something is about to happen, which creates anxiety.

• Impatience: It’s like I can’t help myself, I want to get on with what seems to come my way. Uncertainty isn’t comfortable.

• A deep desire for meaning, purpose and spiritual connection: Huge interest and ‘constant craving’ for spirituality. The material world cannot fulfill this longing.

• A feeling of being somehow different: A feeling that everything in my life is new and that I have left my old self behind, also knowing that this is only the beginning. Having the feeling of losing my mind as old beliefs, concepts and attitudes change. It feels like nothing is certain anymore, including my identity.

• ‘Teachers’ seem to appear everywhere: People come into my life in perfect timing to help me on my journey. I understand now that everything is connected, that there are no mistakes.

• Changes in my energy levels: The need to rest and sleep for much longer than usual. I can have an overpowering need to be by myself and do nothing.

• Messages and synchronicity: Seeing numbers, symbols and visions that have a spiritual important message for me. Also seeing the message in everything that happens – knowing that everything happens for a reason. I can think or dream of someone and immediately hear from them. Intensified sensitivity and knowing.

• Increased integrity: I can feel how it’s time for to seek and speak the truth (that’s why I started this blog). It become much more important for me to become my authentic self. Saying ‘no’ to people I have tried to please in the past. I’m intolerant to stay with what no longer support who I am. 

• Introspection and solitude: I used to never have a need to be alone, now I’ve to some extent lost interest in extroverted activities. I can prefer to be home alone and meditate for an evening. Lol.

• Creativity bursts: I receive creative inspiration like never before.

A desire to find my soulmate: More than ever, the idea that we can have a relationship that matches who we are seems more desirable. I do however believe that we first have to be the kind of person we want to attract.

• Flow: Life seems to simply ‘flow’ in a perfect pace and things I need come to me. I experience much more gratitude and appreciation for the simple things in life. I live much more in the moment. Things just naturally unfold and all stress I used to feel before is gone.

3 thoughts on “Spiritual awakening signs

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