“How is your boyfriend?”

This was a question Nathalie, my healer, asked yesterday when I went to see her. I was a bit confused since I’m single without any boyfriend what so ever in sight, so I had to reminder her of this fact. Then she told me that we will meet when I come New York. Even though we haven’t met yet, she said, I can consider it as ‘already done’. It’s funny, because the spiritual woman I met in New York said the exact same thing. She also said that he’s a few years older than me, american and that our paths already have crossed but that we don’t know each other yet (we’ve probably been in the same room she said).

It is so bizarre to have these types of conversations, but somehow deep down I know they’re both right. It’s just this feeling I have. This, Nathalie told me, is why I have this strong feeling about wanting to go to New York. I can see guys in Paris, but I always know within me that it’s nothing for the long-term. I can also feel a bit like I’m cheating… I know it sounds completely out there, but it’s like I know that there’s someone else there waiting for me. Now I think it’s time for us to meet soon!

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