Number messages

Since a few weeks back I always wake up in the middle of the night, sometimes even several times per night. I did as advised by my friend and that was to take notes of what exact time I wake up, since there might be a message there. The times I have woken up during the past 9 nights have all had the number ‘5’ present one or two times. Number ‘1’ and ‘2’ have also been present about half of the times. I love it, because every morning I have a spiritual message waiting for me (unless I can’t prevent myself from reading it at night lol). The messages are always very relevant to where I am at that moment and things I’ve been thinking about.

Number 5 is about major life changes, life lessons through experience, personal freedom, release and surrender, being courageous, opportunity, curiosity, story-telling etc. It’s about making decisions and important choices.

Number 1 is about new beginnings, creation, motivation, initiative, success, pioneering, intuition etc. It’s an encouragement to step out of the comfort zone and a message that we create our own reality.

Number 2 is about service, balance, love and harmony. It resonates with understanding, kindness, peacemaker, mediation, partnerships and relationships. It’s about trust and faith, as well as life purpose and soul mission.

Recurring messages that I’ve read with the different number combinations is that I’m prompted to make some much needed and long awaited changes in my life. Angels are encouraging and guiding me through the transition, ‘better’ is on the way and I need to keep in mind that everything happens for a reason. I shouldn’t fear, nor should I be afraid to be myself. I need to let go of the ‘old’ in order to make room for the ‘new’. I also need to keep my thoughts and actions focused on my goals in order for them to manifest. I need to trust my intuition and guidance, and know that this is leading me in the right direction in regards to my life purpose and soul mission. Pretty awesome!!


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