Turning it around!

For the past two days I’ve been feeling low on energy, emotional and fragile. To be honest, I’ve been drained by people. People asking too many questions: what my plans are, where I will go, how I will make money, what my idea is, where I will stay etc. Gaaaah! I couldn’t stand answering any more questions and defending my choice to others, so instead I isolated myself for two days to recuperate my energy (brilliant idea indeed lol). Then now, I suddenly realized something: I don’t have to feel this way. It’s all about the choices I make. Either I can be drained by others or I can change that into being grateful for the fact that they do ask questions and care about me. So now I’m taking my energy back.

A friend of mine told me something so true: The only power that someone has over you and your space is the power YOU give to them. I wrote it here so I will remember that.

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