Universe has really got a sense of humor

Universe has made me smile so many times these past weeks with all the different signs and small treasures. I told a friend of mine that I’ve started to wake up very early every morning and that it takes about an hour before I can go back to sleep again. Generally, I’ve always been able to sleep through the whole night, so this new habit has been a bit frustrating. My friend told me to look at the time when I wake up, because there might be a message there. So I did. The time was 05:29 when I woke up this morning, and when I googled about it I was chocked and happily surprised. It turns out that the early wakeups were not without a reason.

Number 529 is saying that the changes I’m undertaking today will bring me into alignment with my Divine life purpose. I need to have faith and trust and always know that angels are supporting, encouraging and guiding me every step of the way. It is saying that the changes I’ve made to my career will bring me a greater personal fulfilment on many levels. It’s also a clear message to let go of what no longer serves me positively in my life. I shouldn’t hold on to fear, but instead look forward to new and better situations to come into my life. The number is about major life changes, opportunity, personal freedom, adaptability, partnerships and relationships, balance, harmony and serving of soul mission and life purpose. It also indicates spiritual awareness and enlightenment, and leading life as a positive example for others.

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