Merci !

Now it’s been almost two weeks since I left work and I’m so grateful for it every day. I finally feel like I control my own life. I decide exactly how I want to spend my days. Me and not someone else. So I decided that today was going to be an amazing day – and it really was!

First I did my meditation, which always puts me on the right track. It helps me to find my inner peace, strength and joy. Now when I’ve finished Oprah & Deepak’s 21 day of meditation I need to find new tracks. Tips anyone?

After this I went to a friend’s house in Montmartre. We just talked, laughed and enjoyed the sun on her balcony. I also spent about two hours on the phone with the French administration. The line either broke, they hung up or I got redirected somewhere else where that person hung up, so I had to call back 11 times (!) before I got help. I told my friend’s boyfriend that they probably saw that it was me calling, since they also stopped answering at point. He just replied “Maria, oui. Just call from another phone alors!“, like it’s completely normal that public organizations ignore your call. Lol. Anyway, once I did get a hold of them we had to celebrate by eating delicious pastries.

After this I went for ice cream (yes I had more dessert than actual food today) with another friend. We picked out a birthday gift for her and then walked by Seine to watch the sun go down over Paris. Beautiful, beautiful Paris!

Thanks for today.


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