A day of WOW’s

Today I had three very amazing things happening. Firstly, I’ve very recently started to connect and get information from my subconscious. I ask questions and after a while I see images, hear sounds or have thoughts that help me interpret the answer that is deep within me. Today I asked what I should do when I have negative thoughts. I saw an image of someone sitting in a chair who suddenly bent backwards, like in a full circle. I asked my subconscious who that person was, it was me. I then asked what the chair represented and then I heard a powerful but clearly negative sound in my right ear. I understood that the chair represented negative thoughts. I interpreted the answer such as when I have negative thoughts, I should bend over them to reach positive thoughts instead. In the afternoon I went to see saw my healer. I told her about my vision and she comfirmed that seeing yourself bending backwards means a complete shift of energy. Positive thoughts = positive energy.

Secondly, I’ve been having a big spot right between my eyes and a bit higher up on my forehead. It’s one of those that is inside the skin (sorry for sharing all the information). When I first arrived to the healer, she pushed her finger on it and asked me what it was. I felt a bit uncomfortable sitting there discussing it, so I said: “Yeah, it’s a pimple“. She replied, “No, that’s your third eye waking up. That’s a really good sign“. Wooah! I’ve never been SO happy about a spot before in my life! That was really amazing news. Last night I had a dream where I felt I got information about what would happen in the future. It was a bit strange, because I never had that feeling before. Let’s see what happens, but if the moment I dreamt of takes place I will act accordingly to what I dreamt.

While being at the healer, I explained the anxiety I’ve been feeling the last couple of days in my solar plexus. As I laid down, she started pressing some points on my body to release blockages. When she was done, I told her that the anxiety still was there so she placed her hands om my stomach. After a while, I could feel how things started to move around there and suddenly I started burping. In the same moment this happened, she said that she had connected with something very profound. She had released my ‘concrete energy’, that makes me feel stable and inspired. After she explained that while making such a huge change in life, one part of me is resisting (the anxiety I’ve felt the last couple of days), while the other part wants to move on. I felt so good after the healing – so relaxed and calm. I think things are still being released, because I’m just burping all the time now. Lol. Good thing that I’m alone.

Good night world and thank you for another amazing day!

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