When the mind takes over..

Today was one of those days, I simply couldn’t control my mind. I tried to make it be quiet, tell it to relax and place my focus inwards – nothing worked. My thoughts were spinning around like a tumbler in my head “What if this happens?”, “How could I manage this?”, “This will for sure go wrong and then I’ll be disappointed”…. Gaaaaahh!

In the afternoon I went for a 3 hour walk to the Eiffel tour and back and then up to Montmartre. I had to get all frustration out. I’m feeling a bit better now after the walk and once I made the decision that IT’S OK. Having a bad day is ok. There’s no point of blaming myself for that.

Something I realized was that I never did mediation before I left the house. Usually I always do it every morning but today I didn’t have enough time. New principle in my life: make sure that I’m in a high-vibrational state before I leave my apartment. Today was a learning that leaving with a low vibrational state also gives you just that right back to you: negative energy.


2 thoughts on “When the mind takes over..

  1. 1heartsoundm says:

    Great post and good thinking! How easy it is at times to feel as if we simply “do not have the time” for ourselves. Keep the vibration high! ๐Ÿ™‚ Peace!


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