Let life come into our lives

Everything in life happens in perfect divine order and everything happens for the best. I truly believe in this. Sometimes we may not understand why certain things happen, but if we fully accept the ‘what is’ we can move forward and see the higher purpose.

Like with my friend who committed suicide, I still don’t understand why she did what she did, but I accept and surrender to it. I trust that it happened for the best. She was never supposed to celebrate her 27 anniversary – it was always meant to be that way. Out of this, I’ve decided to completely change my life. She helped me to make this decision. I’m not saying she died so I could change my life path, but I can never know the alternatives to what happened. I believe that her soul still lives, it’s just her body that has disappeared. We are all in constant move and what we do affect other people. Sometimes things seem to be unfair, but if we only trust that it’s all happening because of a greater purpose we don’t get stuck. We get into the flow instead of resisting it. Sometimes life’s tough, sometimes it’s absolutely amazing. For many is us the challenge is to trust fully, resist nothing and to surrender completely.

That’s when we can life come into out lives.

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