Drinking in a new way

We went out yesterday for dinner and some drinks. There are some really cool bars in Paris. One looks like a taco place but when you walk through it and open the back door of the restaurant, you end up in a hidden bar. It was a cool night and today I’m tired but I don’t feel bad.

Coming from Sweden, I’m used to a higher level of alcohol consumption. Or not me in particular, but we have a culture of binge drinking as we’re part of the historical ‘vodka belt’. Basically you stay healthy all week by not drinking anything, then you compensate on Friday night by drinking it all in one go. Alcohol is really expensive in Sweden so before you go out, you also make sure to be ‘drunk enough’ in order to not having to buy a lot when you’re out (very clever solution). This as you can imagine, equals drinking too much too often.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m getting wasted every time I go out. However, I still wanted to change my drinking behavior. The reason is that after a night out, I’ve felt emotionally numb. Just empty inside. I’ve gotten used to feeling a higher vibration, so feeling nothing is just not an option any more. I decided to learn from the French and their ‘drinking with moderation’. So I made a deal with a friend: if I drink more than 3 glasses in one night I will have to take him out to a really expensive restaurant. To his disappointment, this was the motivation I needed to stick to 3 glasses or less on a night out during the past 1,5 month.

I might sound like an alcoholic talking but I’m very proud of myself – changing a behavior isn’t easy. Now I’ve even had evenings where I’ve only had one glass of wine and still been out until 5am. I consciously place my focus on other things such as people and music instead of drinks, which really helps. Of course there will still be nights when I get wasted and had ‘too many’ (I don’t like to create rules for myself), but I’m determined to keep this new French side of me.

À votre santé !

2 thoughts on “Drinking in a new way

  1. 1heartsoundm says:

    Ah! Smart indeed! And your post brought back some memories of when I once lived in Sweden and how very expensive drink was! Might I also add that is also very expensive in Canada and New York! Wise is the man (or woman) who chooses to have a few at home first! lol


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